Sep 192012

There’s a hot new model, Dillon Rossi, at Cocky Boys who will connect to fans in a way that not many porn stars can — because he used to be a fan! That’s right, Dillon was your typical blue collar boy from rural Ohio, jerking off to Cocky Boys and fantasizing about having Max Ryder’s lips around his cock, when he decided to enter a little contest held by Max to do a camping scene with him. After receiving TONS of entries from around the country, Max decided to make Dillon’s dreams come true! Cocky Boys flew him to upstate New York to show them what he’s made of and almost instantly, they knew they had found a winner!

Dillon is a natural! His effortlessness was unsurprising, though, since he comes pre-packaged with a rock-hard six pack, a killer smile, and a thick dick. This solo introductory scene will give fans a taste of what’s in store for them, and Dillon will not disappoint! All we had to do was give him a couple toys, and he was stroking his nine-inch cock for us in no time.

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  1. Great body, super dick and spooky eyes.

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