Oct 242012

The title of this post is my favorite line from the song Vision of Love.

So, I’m taking just a little break from gay porn to share the fact that I love Kris Allen with you! He beat out openly gay Adam Lambert for title of American Idol during season eight of that show.

I recently broke out of a long-term relationship. As you can imagine, it’s no easy thing.  Lately, I have found myself listening to Kris Allen, among other artists, for solice.  When Kris sings, it’s like he throws his arms around me and says “I know” and “It’ll be okay” and “You’re sooooo beautiful!” For starters, let me say that I think that Kris is a very beautiful guy. And he’s got such an amazing voice! His songs really resonate with me.

As I was listening to him last weekend, I thought to myself,…let me check his tour dates. It’d be so cool to see him live, in person. Well, it turns out he’s doing a show right where I am this coming weekend! I grabbed a ticket, and now I’m so happy and excited to know that I’ll be seeing him live in just a few days!

Tonight, I watched this video for his single called Vision of Love off his newest album, Thank You Camellia. I’ve heard the song a few times, but until I watched the video, I really didn’t get  how much love Kris Allen, this handsome guy from Arkansas, spreads around in this single off his new album.

Kris Allen has got a heart of gold and a deep well of awesome talent. I can hardly wait to see him live!

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