Dec 062012

There’s a little story behind this photo of my cum-stained Diesel underwear. So there is this hot, hung stud in my neighborhood named Peter who sent me his stats when we first hooked up last spring, to wit, 28 yo, white male, Italian, 6’5″, 180 pounds, 7.5c, toned, trimmed. He’s a young professional with a kinky, domineering streak in him. I suppose what follows is more suited for a fetish site, but what the hell. I have to admit, it’s got me boned up as I think about Peter and what we do together when we hang out…

We do lots of crazy things, but it’s always only safe fun. I’ll leave some of them to your imagination and tell you about one thing that Peter likes to do to me.

He likes to text me to see if I’m available so he can swing by my place and bust a nut on my face. Peter is fucking hot, so if I am around, I always say yes! Then he comes over and we strip naked. Or, I should say, I always strip naked. Sometimes, Peter only manages to get his pants down before he starts stroking his rock hard cock, right above my face as I lay back on my bed. I love Peter’s cock. If he’s got enough time, then I’ll be lucky enough to suck his balls, feel his hard cock whacked against my face and maybe even get to rim Peter’s hot asshole. I also love when he shoves his bare size 12 feet in my face! Fuck yeah.

Well, as you can tell, I’m pretty crazy for Peter and eager to submit. If he’s in a rush, we stick to him just stroking his cock off. I usually get to suck it a little, but it’s not about that. It’s about the huge creamy load of cum that Peter wants to squirt into my hungry mouth and onto my face. Usually, I text Peter before he arrives and ask him, “How long since you came last?” I’m always super excited when he says, “It’s been 3 or 4 days.” Then I know I am going to get a fountain of hot jizz out of Peter’s big dick. That’s what happened today. When he was about to cum, Peter covered my eyes with his hand. With my mouth gaping open, Peter blew his wad! I always jerk myself and squirt at the same time Peter does. I caught as much of his cum as I could in my mouth and on my tongue. But Peter also gets off on covering my face with his jizz load, so he never lets me swallow all of it.

And that brings me back to the photo of my cum-stained undies. I wiped Peter’s semen off my face and tossed my underwear aside. Later on, when I picked them up, I instantly boned up upon seeing Peter’s glistening cum-stains all over my briefs. Oh man, I think I need to jerk off now…!

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