Jan 302013

Colby Keller Fucks Anthony Romero

One of my favorite studs, Anthony Romero, just took some huge cock up his hot ass at Cocky Boys!

When Anthony sat down with hung, bearded man Colby Keller, they had no problem telling each other their dirtiest secrets, kinkiest sex stories, and what they love to do with a guy. Colby couldn’t resist telling Anthony how much he wanted to stick his tongue in his ass. Anthony said that he loves to get dominated and tied up.

A few seconds later, both guys were butt naked and making out with Colby’s fingers deep inside Anthony’s hole. By the expression on Anthony’s face, Colby sure hit the sweet spot! Colby nailed Anthony for a long time. Both guys were completely covered in sweat and out of breath from all the passionate fucking.

They kept going like jackrabbits until they both shot huge loads all over Anthony’s six-pack!

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