Jan 032013

The Hauting 2 - Into the Woods

The Hauting 2 - Into the Woods

Director Jake Jaxson has created unique gay porn in this 3-part series called The Hauting at Cocky Boys.

I absolutely love Cocky Boys for the smoking hot, sexy men they consistently deliver in high quality scenes. Part 2 of The Haunting continues where Part 1 left off, employing a compelling story with beautiful cinematography and music, and of course, hot sex action that makes us hungry for Part 3. Here’s a bit more about this scene from Cocky Boys

During the week of Halloween, 2012, lovers Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi decided to take a brief vacation to an isolated cabin in the woods of upstate New York. They were never seen again.

A month later, Dale Cooper has been assigned to investigate the couple’s disappearance and recover any necessary evidence. And when he arrives at the location they were last known to have been alive, things immediately take a turn for the supernatural. Doors open and close on their own, lights go on and off, and loud noises rattle the walls without explanation. But by far the most mysterious occurrence is a strange boy in a hunting coat, who occasionally appears to Dale on the side of the road, on the front lawn, and in his dreams.

The Hautning 2 - Into the Woods

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