Jan 042013

Lincoln Ashby

Lincoln Ashby

It’s exciting to do my first post on content from Bentley Race, an awesome site that features gorgeous men from down under. Hot Aussie gay mates abound there, baring it all and getting off on Autralia’s oldest gay amateur site.

Straight from the source, here’s the description of handsome straight man Lincoln Ashby:

To kick off the year we’ll start with our hottest new mate, 24 year old Lincoln Ashby. Lincoln is a local suburban Melbourne boy. He contacted me a year ago about doing some modelling, but we didn’t actually get to meet. So I was really glad when he contacted me again at the start of summer and wanted to come round and meet me. Well it didn’t take much convincing to get Lincoln in some soccer gear and have him stripping on the roof. It was a hotter than expected day, so after showing me some of his ball tricks, and stripping down on the roof, it was still too hot to stay out there. So we headed back inside to let Lincoln get completely naked. I asked him if he wanted me to put some porn on to help him get hard, but as I fiddled with the TV, I turned around to find Lincoln’s big dick already rock hard and poking out the top of his jock strap.

Lincoln Ashby

Lincoln is a really sweet straight guy. And he tells me he has a bit of an exhibitionist side. He loved having his photos taken as he showed off his erection. For his video scene he wanted to try out a flashlight for the first time. His fat cock sliding in and out of it looks so hot! Zac edited the video and told me that it’s the hottest flashlight fucking scene he’s ever seen. But make sure you watch right to the end of the video where Lincoln really works up a strong fucking motion and blows cum on himself. I can tell already that our new blond hairy mate is going be a very popular boy. Lincoln is just one of the many new guys now performing in new scenes on Bentley Race this year.

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