Jan 152013

Spanking Fetish

Spanking Fetish

These photos are from a new spanking fetish site that features a variety of hot men called Straight Lads Spanked!

Jack is the young blond guy, and he’s in a sorry state! No job and living with his girlfriend. She is paying for everything. Jack borrows his girlfriends car to go and play computer games at his mates house. They have a great time and enjoy some beers!. Jack has one too many and rather than doing the sensible thing and sleeping at his friends house, Jack stupidly decides to drive home. His girlfriend is furious! This has happened one time to many! She offers Jack an ultimatum. Either you go and visit the local spanker Mr X or she calls the police. When it comes to drunken drivers Mr X offers no leniency.

Jack is told he is going to face an over the knee spanking!

Spanking Fetish

Jack is left shocked, sore, sorry and vowing never to return again!

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