Jan 232013

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian is about to get a relaxing massage, with extras, at Chaos Men!

I loved Maximilian’s recent solo at Chaos Men so it was great to see him turn up again so soon! Even better, he is appearing in a massage video where his cock, balls and ass get serviced along with the rest of his hot, hairy body. During the past year, I’ve gotten some training and have swapped massages with a few buddies. It’s such a sexually charged moment when you use your hands to spread apart a beautiful guy’s butt cheeks. If he’s gorgeous enough, as Maximilian surely is, it’s even hotter to dive right in there and tongue that sweet rosebud. Check out Maximilian’s sexy hairy ass!

Maximilian’s uncut dick gets rock hard while his masseur sucks and jerk it!

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian’s relaxation experience is complete
when he reaches an incredible, creamy cum climax!

Watch Maximilian Bust a Nut at Chaos Men!

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