Jan 222013



Vincenzo is a hung, straight stud enjoying his big cock at Squirtz!

He is a talkative guy and pretty much anything he thinks, he says, without trying to edit it, even if it might shock whomever is listening. In his interview, he seems very calm and relaxed but the reality is Vincenzo is a whirlwind of energy, bouncing off the walls from start to finish. A lot of his energy is burned off in his various athletic activities, particularly his style of martial arts, Brazilian Capoeira. And his athleticism is obvious in his sculpted chest, tight abs and his bubble butt. Vincenzo is 100% straight, with zero interest in dicks and an overpowering interest in pussy. But that doesn’t mean he has any objection to us enjoying looking at his gorgeous uncut cock.

And when he cums, he really throws his hips into it!


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