Jan 182013

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

I’m loving these outdoor summer scenes while it’s winter here at home!

On a warm afternoon at French Dudes, we find Jimmy Fix working out in the vegetable garden when he decides to take a break from the heat. He takes off his shirt and sits down in the shade of the old stone wall.

Along comes Max Lacoste having found his own way to beat the heat wearing nothing but his jock strap and sneakers. Max wastes no time and takes a direct approach; walks right up to Jimmy, bends down to give him a kiss and grabs hold of his cock. Jimmy now wants to plow the field of a different kind however and bends Max over against the wall and starts tilling. If you’ve seen Jimmy in action before, you know what a great tiller this boy is! Once satisfied the field has been thoroughly tilled, they both sit down to spread some fertilizer.

Jimmy is first to unload his spunk and WHAT A LOAD he spreads as Max watches with amazement!

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

Now it’s Max’ turn to apply the second load of fertilizer.
Watch Max’s cock spit and sputter as his cock ejaculates!

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