Jan 172013

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson get super hot in Melbourne in the blazing Australian summer at Bentley Race!

Wearing their skater gear, the guys were having fun skating across the rooftop on their boards. The men were playing to the camera, lifting their shirts up in provocative poses. Ryan took it a step further when he started grabbing William’s cock! William liked the attention, his shorts were yanked down to his ankles and Ryan took his big dong into his mouth. The boys loved showing off their big uncut cocks, and rimming and sucking on the roof. It got hot, so they had a water fight to cool down. The hottest action happened after they went inside to cool off.

They soon took it to the bedroom and then the shower for a heavy fucking session!

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

Ryan loves getting fucked and lucked out in
this heavy and long drilling session with William!

See William and Ryan Fuck at Bentley Race!

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