Jan 092013

Taylor Kale

Taylor Kale

Taylor Kale is a 19 year old college student. He stays very busy, but he also gets bored with his schoolwork and like to have fun on the weekends. Taylor applied to work with College Dudes, and since he had a day without class, he headed over there to make a jerk off video. Taylor is very polite, intelligent, and horny as hell! After chatting a bit with him, Taylor removes his clothes and instantly gets a boner. As he strokes his cock, he begins to breath heavily. We wish we knew exactly what he is thinking as he strokes his pole! Taylor jerks off in a few positions before settling into a reclined position. At this point, Taylor also begins playing with his hole as he jerks his dick. Taylor is one cute college boy!

Taylor Kane

His cumshot is fantastic.
Taylor must have been saving that one up for his big debut!

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