Jan 112013

Travis Cooper and Justin Cross

Travis Cooper and Justin Cross

Travis Cooper is back at Straight Rent Boys, ready to give slim Justin Cross his first fuck on a futon.

They strip down to their tighty whities and make out with each other. They guys enjoy kissing, with Justin taking lead in lip locking Travis. The kissing works its magic as each boy gets hard. Travis takes out Justin’s dick and starts sucking it to his buddy’s delight. He’s built his cock-sucking skills so that he’s able to take all of Justin’s cock into his mouth.

Justin gives a nice reach around and massages Travis’ package through the underwear. He then takes over and works on Travis’ cock, with his mouth. Travis is hard quickly and strokes Justin as he is blown. I zoom in for a great shot of Travis’ hot body and Justin’s mouth, full of cock. The “swoosh” on Travis’ groin is shown; this is the shot I was talking about on Facebook. ‘I think you guys should open up that futon and start fucking,’ I suggest. After getting “things” ready, I remind Travis to ‘be gentle.’ Working slow and steady, Travis and Justin get things “inserted and moving.” I know Justin, ‘ain’t pretending’ and he is taking it like a champ. When I pan to the front, Justin is hard and Travis is in, and out. Checking in to make sure his partner is okay and getting the, “yep,” Travis works himself in a bit further. Overhead, filming close to Travis’ body, I get a great shot and some hot heavy breathing. Both boys seem very happy with the pairing.

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Travis Cooper and Justin Cross

Travis gets into a nice rhythm that has Justin moaning, and hard. Working his cock in, missionary style, Travis again checks in with Justin and again is “okayed” to thrust on. From above, you can see that both boys are working hard; Justin’s penis flushes red and his balls tighten. Travis’ “swoosh” is getting quite the workout, much to the pleasure of his partner. Justin reaches up and caresses Travis’ body, he reciprocates with a hand. Within minutes, Justin gasps and blows a huge load all over himself and sighs in release. Justin wipes up the jizz with his underwear. Travis still hard and horny continues to pound Justin, who keeps on moaning, “oh yeah.”

Getting close, Travis says, “I’m cumming” and finishes off by stroking himself until he shoots all over Justin’s groin, and wipes it up with his underwear.

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