Feb 222013

Chris Taylor Jerks Off

Chris Taylor is a California student by day and a bartender at night at Next Door Male!

This bad boy loves all things cars and bars. Here we catch up with him after a night at work, as he relaxes, kicks off his shoes and gets comfortable. Unzipping his pants, he grabs at his crotch and traces the outline of his cock through his underwear, before popping the shiny red head out of the top of the waist line. Fingering his shaft, he lets his pants fall to the ground and leans back on the desk with his legs spread wide and his cock growing in his hand, shooting you a sultry gaze as he grinds his cock against his leg, then looking over his shoulder as he pulls his cock between his legs and jerks himself off.

Finally he lets his load fly, covering his sweaty body in jizz!

Chris Taylor Jerks Off

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