May 282013

Haircut and Worked Out Hole

Haircut and Worked Out Hole

Jansen gets his hair cut and his hole plowed deep in this wild scene at FraternityX!

You see, blond bro Jansen got really drunk last weekend. Then he started talking shit about some of the seniors. So frat bro Andy grabbed him by his pretty blond hair and dragged him off the sofa. A bunch of bros held Jansen down while Andy shaved all of the air off of his head! The bros stripped Jansen down then put his hot tight ass on the bench press and prepared it for a good fucking, sucking and licking his tight asshole till it was all wet and warm inside. After some finger fucking action, his twat was ready for a real hard fucking. Andy’s big fat cock fucked that bad attitude right out of Jansen. Then Morgan’s long beautiful piece of meat took its turn.

Hopefully Jansen learned his lesson as he got all the cum fucked out of him!

Haircut and Worked Out Hole

Watch the Frat Guys Fuck for a full 36 mins at FraternityX!

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  2 Responses to “Jansen Gets a Haircut and His Hole Worked Out at FraternityX”

  1. What kind of fraternity is this? Mine was nothin’ like it. I could only wish.

  2. Me too buddy!

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