Jul 052013

Naked Man Jay

Meet Jay, a straight, well-hung All-American surfer at Island Studs!

Jay has a smooth, hairless body and a BIG floppy cock that he enjoys showing off IN PUBIC at a popular Hawaiian nudist beach. Watch this tight and lean REAL SURFER BOY ride waves, COMPLETELY naked. At 25 years old, 6’1″, and 160 pounds, surfer Jay has a handsome face and body that shows off his Greek & American Indian heritage. Jay is a construction worker. You can see him on the side of the road most days, wearing boots and his HARD HAT! What a cute construction worker fantasy hunk! Watch as Jay rides the waves NAKED. Then Jay starts to stroke his big beautiful young cock, sitting on a chair on this VERY PUBLIC BEACH! Jay has a GREAT body: smooth, ripped, and lean! Watch as BUBBLES of pre-cum ooze out of his big hard mushroom dick head as he jerks! Listen to Jay moan loudly with his eyes closed in ecstasy as he releases a fountain of YUMMY CUM all over the beach! Jay is one sexy straight nudist surfer!

Jay is yet another REAL SURFER, out in Hawaii, surfing naked and loving it at Island Studs!

Naked Man Jay

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