Oct 122012

Chase Austin Jerking His Huge Cock

Handsome Chase Austin

Chase Austin Armpit

It’s so exciting to me when a sexy young stud as beautiful as Chase Austin shows up at BelAmi Online. Chase is an American guy who BelAmi has been filming in Budapest. He’s tall, lean and horny to get naked, show-off and stroke his big dick. He’s not only got a great face and cock, but lots of other sexy assets including his hot pits, hairy legs, big feet and a super hot, hairy asshole! What an awesome pin-up stud of the week from Belami!

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Sep 272012

Scandal at the Vatican

The notorious Scandal in the Vatican feature continues today at BelAmi Online. , after Jack Harrer draws the long straw and wins the prize of who is going to get fucked by Trevor Yates. The rest of the Kinky Angels scamper away to go in search of their own scandal while Trevor and Jack get down to action themselves. Jack so enjoys this experience he comes three times while being fucked by Trevor. See what this sizzling hot scandal is all about today at BelAmi Online!

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Sep 212012

The Kinky Angels at BelAmi. were reading up about all the scandals in the Vatican and decided to take a trip to Rome. The boys wanted to see if they could create their own scandal! Once in Rome the boys seduce priest Trevor Yates as only they know how. Watch as the Kinky Angels work on one of the biggest cocks on the planet in a blowjob orgy to be remembered!


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