Dec 192014

abram hoffer naked shower sex

abram hoffer naked shower sex

abram hoffer naked shower sex

Check out these horny young studs from Broke Straight Boys!

Newbie Abram Hoffer kicks off this super sexy scene in the shower, letting the warm water cascade down his hot, toned body and hard cock as he runs his hands all over himself. He stretches as he washes himself, showing off his physique before Tyler White decides to walk in and join him for a little fun in the shower and a lesson on sucking dick!

He drops his towel and bends over, taking Abram’s dick in his mouth before he gets really into and kneels down, giving Abram some hot oral as Abram runs his hands all over Tyler’s wet, slick body. They decide to move their cock-sucking over to the shower bench and Abram reclines on it, letting Tyler go to work on his prick, only pausing to kiss for a minute before all this hot, steamy action makes them need to shoot their load. They both sit back and grab their big cocks, stroking them hard and fast until they erupt, getting their hot cum all over themselves! They get back under the water and wash all that jizz off of themselves and each other as they rub their dicks together under the falling water.

I love all the lean, masculine, hung studs at Broke Straight Boys!

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Jul 172013

Romeo Fucks Skyler

Romeo Fucks Skyler

I always love seeing lean, sexy Skyler Daniels show up at Broke Straight Boys!

Skylar is like the perfect Broke Straight Boys. Every time he’s interviewed, it seems like he’s pretty damn broke. So if you can offer this sweet, young dude a legit job, please, get in touch with him! In the meantime, Skyler is eager to make some extra cash by offering up his sweet ass to bottom for Romeo James. The guys make for a good pairing if you go by how eagerly they suck each other’s dicks. Plus, they are both from the Lone Star state, proud Texan males who get naked together. Romeo blows Skyler and gets his cock rock hard in no time. And Skyler give it his all, sucking Romeo’s cock balls deep!

It’s so hot seeing Skyler’s tight, skinny ass take Romeo’s thick cock. Fuck yeah!

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Jul 162013

3-Way with Blake Bennet, Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal

3-Way with Blake Bennet, Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal

Blake Bennet has always been one of my favorite young studs at Broke Straight Boys!

He’s got such a winning smile, devlish good looks, a hairy lean body and a huge, hard fuck tool that always makes my mouth water! Now he’s paired up with Brandon Beal and Johnny Forza, two guys are among the most popular Broke Straight Boys along with Blake. The scene opens with some friendly banter. Blake is a good sport, but he’s a little nervous because he’s the bottom in this scene who has to both of the other guys huge, raw cocks in his mouth and up his hairy ass! The chemistry as these guys is strong as they get into sucking their thick dicks. And then the fucking starts!

Oh man, check out how hard Blake’s dick is as Brandon plows his ass!

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Mar 302013

Skyler Daniels Shows Off

Straight guy Skyler Daniels gets naked and jerks off for pay at Broke Straight Boys!

Skyler is single. It’s hard to keep a lady when you’re unemployed. Like most newbies he’s a little nervous, but the lad has a charming personality. And his Texan twang would make most people drop their pants if asked. 🙂 When he takes off his clothes, Skyler has a dark bush around his 7-inch dick. There’s also a lot of hair under his arms. His skinny legs are furry and fuzzy too, and if you like feet, check out his long size 12s! Wait until you see his hairy hole. Like a good southern lad he politely plays with it when asked. He’s non-dramatic when it comes to jerking. Gets hard and his 7 inches of meat look perfectly formed for a mouth. As he keeps stroking, he’s forgotten about the camera. Just wants to get off. His breathing turns shallow and when Skyler gets close he bites his lips.

When Skyler grunts, watch out. That first man juice spurt hits his face and hair!

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Jan 252013

Johnny Forza Creampies Lucas Weston

Johnny Forza is about to fuck Lucas Weston’s virgin ass at Broke Straight Boys!

Not only that, he fucks Lucas raw and leaves his young buddy with a cream-pie. Here is a description of cream-pie from Wikipedia:

“Creampie, also known as internal ejaculation, internal cum shot and, in homosexual contexts, as breeding, is a term used in pornography to describe when a male ejaculates
inside his partner’s anus or vagina. The term also refers to the visible seeping
or dripping of semen from the vagina (or anus).”

In so many gay porn scenes, the guys are thrilled to get big dick in their mouths and ass. But check the video, and you’ll see that Lucas is clearly nervous about taking Johnny’s huge cock!

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