Aug 152013

20 year-old stud Doyle

20 year-old stud Doyle

Doyle is a beautiful guy with a winning smile at Chaos Men!

He’s 20 years old, 5’11” tall and weighs 140lbs. This is Doyle’s first naked photo and video shoot, so he’s a little nervous! But once he starts to strip his clothes off, he grows more confident as he shows off his tight, lean body. His farmer’s tan is sexy. So is his rock hard cock! Doyle says that he’s into guys. He’s a top because he likes ass best! That’s fortunate for whatever hot bottoms get to take Doyle’s tasty hard dick into their mouths and asses. Haha! Imagine getting covered in Doyle’s creamy cum load once he’s all done!

What a gorgeous naked young hunk Doyle is – one of so many over at Chaos Men!

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Jan 232013

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian is about to get a relaxing massage, with extras, at Chaos Men!

I loved Maximilian’s recent solo at Chaos Men so it was great to see him turn up again so soon! Even better, he is appearing in a massage video where his cock, balls and ass get serviced along with the rest of his hot, hairy body. During the past year, I’ve gotten some training and have swapped massages with a few buddies. It’s such a sexually charged moment when you use your hands to spread apart a beautiful guy’s butt cheeks. If he’s gorgeous enough, as Maximilian surely is, it’s even hotter to dive right in there and tongue that sweet rosebud. Check out Maximilian’s sexy hairy ass!

Maximilian’s uncut dick gets rock hard while his masseur sucks and jerk it!

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Jan 212013


Meet sexy stud Enrique who puts on quite the fun solo show at Chaos Men!

He says that “I’m straight, you know, I prefer girls. But, I’ve messed around.” With his amazing muscular body and beautiful cock, Enrique has had success dancing at parties and at gay night clubs. This in an incredible solo, mainly because Enrique is so hot, but also because he does so many things in it. Enrique fingers his ass to get his cock hard. He shows off his hole and fucks it with a vibrating sex toy. He has a nice full bush of pubes above his erect dick and a smooth, shaved asshole.

One of the hottest parts is when Enrique licks his own dick!

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Jan 142013


Maximilian is a regular guy at Chaos Men whose good looks and hefty cock had his friends telling him he should show it off!

So, he decided to do porn to make some extra money. A little nervous at first, he got more relaxed as the photo shoot progressed. Maximilian’s got a nice, full dark bush surrounding his sizable uncut dick. By the time he got into the shower, he felt comfortable enough to let them shoot shots of him taking a piss. He also got into playing to the camera when it came time to shoot his solo video.

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Jan 132013

Glenn and Maxwell Raw

Glenn and Maxwell Raw

Maxwell sucked dick here for the first time before fucking Glenn raw at Chaos Men.

Glenn was doing a lot of the topping lately, and Maxwell was eager to top a guy. Since Glenn looks so good with his legs in the air, he’s paired up with Maxwell to take a wild ride on his cock. The guys start off with a nice 69 blowjob swap, going at it hungrily even though having a dick in his mouth is all new to Maxwell. Glenn is talented at staying hard while his hole gets rammed. I sure like Glenn’s hairy legs and ass, looking so sexy and masculine while he gets fucked by Maxwell!

Maxwell certainly hit his sweet spot, making him nut a thick load of cum!

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Dec 022012

Redhead Shane

Shane is a hot ginger-haired man over at Chaos Men who exudes masculinity as he stares into the camera. He exudes even more maleness when he strips down and strokes his handsome cock! Shane has a girlfriend and loves to have sex often. But he stayed away for a few days before doing this photoshoot, leading him to shoot a huge load of jizz. Yup, Shane is definitely a big cummer!

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