Aug 212013

A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty

When it comes to extraordinary gay porn, Cocky Boys is in a league of its own!

A Thing of Beauty has so far showcased some of the most passionate sex between men you’ll see on film, and this addition raises the bar yet again. As much of a celebration of sex as it is an exploration, Part IV focuses on those particular moments in life that just can’t escape us — living in a new city, meeting someone special, diving head first (literally) into a new adventure, and the kind of deep sexual intimacy only experienced every so often.

Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, and Dale Cooper share a chemistry with each other that perfectly illustrates one of these moments. They traverse a Mexican paradise as companions — boating, swimming, discovering, and collecting memories in the same vein as Walt Whitman. Their understood unity only becomes more powerful as it manifests itself sexually, exploding into a ravenous threesome back on the shore.

Colby and Dale’s relationship is already wrought with real emotion and passion, but adding Gabriel to the mix brings that raw intensity to another level. At first, Colby and Gabriel took turns pounding Dale to their liking, but then Gabriel began fucking Colby while he was still inside Dale, and then the two finally double-penetrated Dale. Each moment is sexy in its own unique and glorious way, and not something you’ll forget!

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Jun 142013

Max Carter and Ty Roderick

Here’s a hot brunette on blond fuck session from Cocky Boys!

Max Carter is the young blond in this scene, one of my favorite porn stars. Maybe you remember William Higgin’s legendary blond porn star Leo Ford. I always think that Max would be a great person to play Leo Ford in bio film. Max has a nice, lean body and here he is at Cocky Boys, paired up with Ty Roderick. Ty is the type of rough-looking stud that is right up Max’s alley. Max and Ty share a great, raw chemistry together!

Both guys shoot big cum loads after Ty plows Max’s sweet, young ass!

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Mar 312013

JD Pheonix and Jett Black

JD Phoenix and Jett Black are two of our newest Cocky Boys, so you know they’ve got a lot of sexual energy pent up inside them!

So far, we’ve seen Jett get fucked by established studs Arnaud Chagall and Gabriel Clark, but now he gets to be pounded by JD… a guy who has only released one hot public jerk-off scene with us. Jett’s the type of guy who is so fearless and outgoing with his sexuality that it tends to throw you off balance. And even though JD’s new, he too could not withstand the indescribable allure of Jett’s charm. He was already jerking off on the bed as he waited for Jett to get out of the shower, and once the two were together, their lips were immediately locked. Few words were spoken as the chemistry took over and they sucked each other off. JD has a huge, thick cock and Jett’s tight hole could just barely take the whole thing.

It was a hazy and sexually-charged blur that left the two drenched in cum by the end!

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Mar 252013

Go-Go Harder

Go-Go Harder is your personal, erotic male dancer at Cocky Boys!

Here’s the scoop on this beautiful, sexy scene from filmmaker Jake Jaxson:

I gave our newest production team a camera, some lights, and our Williamsburg studios, and told them to bring back something fun, different, sexy and creatively their own. They returned with “GoGo Harder” — a look into the mind and pants of the famed NYC performer. This is going to be different than what you guys may be used to, and I hope you love it as much as I do. It has excited, inspired, and called me back to the streets that I loved to explore and want to reconnect to.


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Mar 232013

JD Phoenix Jerks Off in Public

JD Phoenix epitomizes my favorite type of fresh male stud at Cocky Boys!

Not too long ago, JD surfaced at Pierre Fitch Online. He got naked and had a hot fuck session with Pierre Fitch at his hotel in NYC. Now, fortunately for me and you both, this stunningly handsome guy is back for another round at Cocky Boys! This time, we have him all to ourselves as JD has fun waving his gorgeous cock around in public! Imagining how much this stud likes public nudity and public fucking is more than enough to get my own dick rock hard. JD’s a hot hung stud who enjoys showing it off. He may be in a public park or out in the wilderness. The sensation of having strangers seeing his cock by chance gets him hard and horny!

All worked up, JD strokes a hot load of creamy cum out of his gorgeous cock!

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Mar 162013

Gabriel Clark and Jett Black

Blond star Jett Black is quite the striking young slut at Cocky Boys!

When I saw this sexy scene, I thought to myself, “Now that’s how I want to spend my Saturday afternoon!” Rimming a hot ass just like Gabriel Clark does for Jett, or getting my own ass rimmed. Sucking on some tasty cock, and giving or taking a hard pounding to or from some gorgeous lean muscled stud. What a perfect way to spend a weekend day off!

It sure is fun watching these studs fuck the cum out of each other!

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