Jul 032015

Twink Noah Matous Feet and Cum

Twink Noah Matous Feet and Cum

Twink Noah Matous Feet and Cum

Twink Noah Matous Feet and Cum

Oiled up feet fun, and a hard fucked twink are fucking HOT at Staxus!

Noah Matous is the horny power bottom in this scene with well-hung stud Shane Barrett. It’s kinky watching Noah using his sexy twink feet to toy around with Shane’s big prick! He teases Shane’s cock until the stud has a raging hard-on that needs to get off. Both guys get greased up with a nice, slick coat of body oil, making their sex especially fun. Sit back, unzip and savor the sight of these two hyper-horny buggers doing what comes oh so naturally to them – writhing all over each others’ bodies to start, then taking it in turns to feast on all that cock and sweet, tight ass!

Shane delivers a stupendous, multi-shot barrage of jizz that leaves Noah’s pucker oozing with sperm at Staxus!

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Mar 252015

Jock StudiosJocks Studios, is home to masculine, youthful, handsome, and sexy athletic types in hot guy next door and hardcore buddy action! The site is a one-stop destination for Falcon Studios Group’s iconic brand JOCKS, and houses every JOCKS scene ever produced, as well as similar, popular content from other award-winning studios. The site promises to entice fans with an enormous content collection that features over 600 scenes and weekly featured scenes!

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Sep 122014

Gay Foot Fetish

Gay Foot Fetish

Gay Foot Fetish

Here’s some more FOOT FETISH FUN at Straight Rent Boys!

“So James, it’s your turn!” Mathew is definitely ready for this straight guy to get to work. Having James “lick like he likes it” may be a bit of a stretch, but he does enjoy women’s feet, so we’ll see. First, Mathew shows off that very nice jockstrap,…what a hot ass! Twirled and twerked, with a couple of slaps, Mathew sits down to relish James’ “piggy time.” Having a straight guy nibble your tootsies gets Mathew out of his strap and all boned up! James then goes oral onto Mathew’s cock, hardening it even more as he sucks on it. Zooming in, Mathew’s sexy feet are front and center, as James goes back down on them.

Mathew jerks his cock as James lavishes his feet at Straight Rent Boys!

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Aug 292014

Sexy Twink Feet

Foot Fetish

Toe Sucking

Got a FOOT FETISH? Well, check out these BIG, SEXY FEET at Straight Rent Boys!

Here’s Mathew Marcus, 21, a Batman fan, who’s into the classic hero. Very much into fetishes, I’m gonna have this twink play a game with a straight guy. James, the “straight-du-jour” comes in to “experiment” with Mathew. For the game, they will be doing some “FOOT WORK.” As we chat about the scene, James chimes, “they look delicious,” as he glares at Mathew’s TOES. Removing James’ socks, Mathew begins to treat his buddy’s FEET right. Propping James’ size 11 on the couch, Mathew also takes hold of James’ sizeable cock. James then blows as Mathew turns his attention from FEET to feast, sucking all the protein he can.

Those sure are some fucking, hot FEET over at Straight Rent Boys!

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Oct 192013

Prison Camp

Hardcore kink twink gay sex movies are the specialty at Young Bastards!

Luke Desmond finds himself a convict at a prison camp hidden away in remote woods. All of the young inmates have no choice but to give in to aggressive guards as they are ruthlessly used and abused as mere sex objects. Dean Burke is the warden, packing a huge cock that he employs in perverse sex games with inmate Luke. Dean makes Luke suck his whole big prick down his throat. He drips hot wax onto Luke’s chest, makes him lick his boots, and stretches out Luke’s hole! Of course, Dean also plunges his huge tool into Luke’s ass and fucks it very hard.

When he’s ready, Dean shoots a full load of hot sperm into Luke’s face!

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Mar 292013

Prison Camp

Two guards abuse another convict in the Prison Camp series from hardcore kink site Young Bastards!

That tortured or lucky convict (depending upon how you look at it!) is blond stud Troy Daniels. He is hard at work outside on a warm day when the guards pull up to him on a locomotive. Those guards are two sexy, hung studs – Lucas Davidson and Chris Young. They take great pleasure in forcing Troy to suck their thick uncut cocks as they lean back against the train. After a while, they take notice in Troy’s ass. They strip the convict naked and then ram big dick up his butt!

The outside fuck scene ends with Troy getting drenched in warm spunk!

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