Jan 212013

Sneaker Sex

Sneaker Sex

Emilien Piresse, Abel Faiys and Kameron Frost are enjoying kinky sex at French Dudes.

Abel is a little freaky. He gets all horned up over Emilien’s new sneakers. Abel gets off on sniffing and licking the sneakers. He rubs Emilien’s crotch while Kameron watches. Emilien takes his cock out while Kameron moves over and starts kissing him. Abel sucks on Emilien’s cock and plays with his shaved balls and ass before going back down to kiss and nibble on his feet and toes still in his socks. No doubt Emilien is enjoying the attention from Abel and Kameron as we see watch him squirm.

Abel now turns his attention to Kameron’s thick, fat uncut cock.

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Jan 182013

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

I’m loving these outdoor summer scenes while it’s winter here at home!

On a warm afternoon at French Dudes, we find Jimmy Fix working out in the vegetable garden when he decides to take a break from the heat. He takes off his shirt and sits down in the shade of the old stone wall.

Along comes Max Lacoste having found his own way to beat the heat wearing nothing but his jock strap and sneakers. Max wastes no time and takes a direct approach; walks right up to Jimmy, bends down to give him a kiss and grabs hold of his cock. Jimmy now wants to plow the field of a different kind however and bends Max over against the wall and starts tilling. If you’ve seen Jimmy in action before, you know what a great tiller this boy is! Once satisfied the field has been thoroughly tilled, they both sit down to spread some fertilizer.

Jimmy is first to unload his spunk and WHAT A LOAD he spreads as Max watches with amazement!

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Jan 102013

Matt Surfer and Tony Sket

Matt Surfer and Tony Sket

French Dudes features gay amateur videos of hot French men ready to fuck anytime!

In Angers, the Sneaker community is not super common… and yet some are willing to go far to come clean sneakers for Matt Surfer and his 9.5 inch cock.

As the scene opens, we find Matt Surfer getting intimate time with his sneakers. Matt has a fetish with his sneakers and gives them a good tongue cleaning and inspects their odor. After a good licking and proper scent inspection, he starts to rub his cock still inside his pants. You may very well know the monster that lies within those pants if you’ve seen Matt in our other videos. It isn’t long before we see the tent start to rise.
In walks Tony Sket, another young man that knows how to give sneakers a good cleaning and jumps right in to give Matt a helping tongue. There’s a definite connection between your feet and your cock and these two men have no problem making the connection. While Tony licks and sniffs, Matt now pulls that monster cock out and starts stroking it for all of us to see.

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Dec 312012

Mac Peal

Mac Peal

Mac Peal is a young farmer in the village of Vierzon in Cher at French Dudes. He would never have thought that one day he would fuck in his own field of corn!

While his girlfriend had gone to milk the cows, young Mac will use the opportunity of her absence to have gay sex with the young seasonal came to give a hand to harvest the corn! He gets down on his knees and sucks the young stud’s thick cock deep into his throat for a good while before taking a real strong fucking in his ass!

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