Apr 082013

Flexx Boola Solo

I can hardly take my eyes off Flexx Boola, an amazing, super-hung stud from Next Door Male!

This man with the catchy name and a baseball bat for a penis, is coming at you up close and personal. Flexx hales from Boston, well aware of how hungry so many people would be for his giant cock. He strokes and jerks his 9-inch dick, spreading his legs wide to give us a good view. Nothing half-ass with Flexx, he is extreme all the way, whether he is racing his ride or rocking out with his cock out.

The next best thing to riding his cock is watching it squirt cum!

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Mar 312013

Axel Wolf Self-Sucker

Axel Wolf Self-Sucker

Axel Wolf is a handsome and talented young man at Next Door Male!

With a fun-loving attitude and a smile that’s contagious, Axel is here to introduce himself and bare all. He’s a laid back California dude who loves riding motorcycles and sex in public places. Axel has a gorgeous face with playful-but-piercing eyes. Join him as he confesses some of his wildest fantasies and gives a little insight into his life as a pole dancer. Axel is taking it all off in the restroom and fattening up his huge cock for some sensuous, deep stroking. You’ll see various sides of Axel as he enjoys himself by tugging his rock hard erection. This is a very hot guy that gets turned knowing you’re out there enjoying yourself too.

Axel has a very special talent – he can suck his own dick!

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Mar 112013

Meet Ginger Stud Max Thrust

Max Thrust is red-haired stud with a rock solid body at Next Door Male.

Max likes to put plenty of muscle into whatever he’s doing, be it renovating an old sports car, working out his muscled bod or having sex! In this scene, he’s hanging out at the gym, reclining on a weight bench and busting out a few reps and curls. His horny urges take over, and he strips his pants off to review his nice, big dick. He enjoys showing off his body, waving his exposed dick at the camera, stroking it and making it get very hard. Max spreads his legs and leans back, working up a sweat as he wanks his hard rod.

Max explodes a creamy load of cum all over his tight stomach!

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Mar 012013

Jacob Bennett Jerks Off

Jacob Bennett at Next Door Male reminds me of the sexiest studs I see at my gym!

I’ve got an instant crush on this man. He’s a masculine stud with a tight muscled bod and a handsome face. If he were at my gym, I’d be checking him out in his gym gear. I’d surely hope to see him butt naked down in the locker-room and shower area. Some guys are shy, but some feel a lot freer to stand outside their shower stall and dry their worked out bodies off, in all their glory and in full view. That never fails to bone me up! Next Door Male indulges my fantasy so well here with sexy Jacob. He’s bareass with such a hot bod, sweet man ass and amazing cock!

Jacob seems like a real nice guy on top of being so damn sexy!

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Feb 222013

Chris Taylor Jerks Off

Chris Taylor is a California student by day and a bartender at night at Next Door Male!

This bad boy loves all things cars and bars. Here we catch up with him after a night at work, as he relaxes, kicks off his shoes and gets comfortable. Unzipping his pants, he grabs at his crotch and traces the outline of his cock through his underwear, before popping the shiny red head out of the top of the waist line. Fingering his shaft, he lets his pants fall to the ground and leans back on the desk with his legs spread wide and his cock growing in his hand, shooting you a sultry gaze as he grinds his cock against his leg, then looking over his shoulder as he pulls his cock between his legs and jerks himself off.

Finally he lets his load fly, covering his sweaty body in jizz!

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Feb 222013

Jake Owen Jerks Off

Justin Owen is a California cutie, easy going and easy on the eyes at Next Door Male!

He’s working the bag inside the gym, and then working out a little extra energy down on the mat. Tearing open his velcro fly, he drops his shorts to his ankles and then squats down and spreads his legs, stroking his cock and playing with his balls. His tan skin glistens as he works up a sweat, throwing his head back against the bag and smiling a salacious grin before bending over and rubbing his ass with the side of his palm.

Justin shoots his load all over himself, closing his eyes until the next time!

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