Jan 072013

Shirtless Blond Hunk

Enjoy this beautiful guy!

I just came across this image of mine that someone posted on Tumblr. It’s a photo of a gorgeous blond man who was promoting the ABBA musical film Mama Mia! at the Gay (LGBT) Pride Parade in NYC. The photo is from back in 2008, and I’m glad to see that it’s still popular. The mood that day was festive and this bare-chested male beauty was having a great time.

I hope he’s up to something wonderful these days!

Dec 142012

Underwear Bulge
Here’s some eye candy for you to enjoy. He’s quite the beautiful guy! It’s one of my personal favorites, a photo that I took at the Gay (LGBT) Pride Parade in NYC back in 2008. This shirtless stud filled out his white Calvin Klein briefs so well. Nice bulge, great package! I wonder what he got up to later that day and where he is now. I hope he’s happy and doing well. He sure looked fine strutting his stuff on top of that parade float!

Dec 022012

Shirtless Twink
So, I thought I’d periodically share some images with you from Gay (LGBT) Pride Parades in NYC that I have captured in recent years. Here’s a hot, skinny twink enjoying the hell out of himself at Pride in New York City, from back in 2009. The photo may not be new, but I hope you’ll view it as timeless. Enjoy this beautiful guy!

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