Jul 142013

Blue-Eyed Hunk David Jerks Off

Blue-Eyed Hunk David Jerks Off

Here is a previously unseen sensuous solo that Active Duty’s been holding back!

David is one of their most popular models, and it’s no wonder! One look at his gorgeous, masculine face and sparkling blue-eyes and you’ll be excited to dive into his erotic solo session! David is a hung marine with shaved balls, trimmed pubes and a tight smooth hole that he enjoys fingering while he strokes his big cock. David went on to do many scenes at Active Duty.

Enjoy your own one-on-one jerkoff session with sexy stud David!

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Jul 062013

Alec Naked Hairy Man

Alec is one of my favorite furry straight former Marine at Island Studs!

Alec is RIPPED, HUNG and back showing off his hard muscle and killer cock! He takes us on an intimate tour of the country farm where he works and lives: feeding chickens, chopping coconuts, climbing trees, swimming and floating around the warm swimming pool ALL FULLY NUDE! This former US Marine is a young athletic muscle god! Alec is looking even more ripped and muscular than ever. At 27 years old, hairy and built like the college football player he is, Alec is a real GREEK GOD! Watch as Alec struts around outside with his FULLY HARD DICK, waving his big cock playfully at the camera. His thick cock is ROCK HARD as he walks around the tropical garden, grabs some coconuts on the ground and starts cracking them open with a large machete! Furry Alec is SO SEXY NAKED! What real farm boy fantasy! Alec climbs up in a large tree fully naked to perform some nudist acrobatics while laughing and talking to the camera! Still naked, nudist Alec jumps in the clear swimming pool to cool off. Check out his heavy nut sack popping out between his hairy muscle thighs and white surfer butt as he sleeps on a floating raft in the water! This athletic exhibitionist MOANS loudly when he finally releases a BIG LOAD of thick cum all over his fat cock shaft! Alec is a HUGE CUMMER! His creamy goo oozes out of his swollen dick head and down the throbbing shaft to his hairy nut sack! Seeing Alec soap up in the outdoor shower, playing with his still stiff cock and opening his hairy ass is NOT to be missed!

Alec, the muscle military god with the amazing body and huge thick cock, is one of the hottest Island Studs EVER! Enjoy!

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Jul 052013

Naked Man Jay

Meet Jay, a straight, well-hung All-American surfer at Island Studs!

Jay has a smooth, hairless body and a BIG floppy cock that he enjoys showing off IN PUBIC at a popular Hawaiian nudist beach. Watch this tight and lean REAL SURFER BOY ride waves, COMPLETELY naked. At 25 years old, 6’1″, and 160 pounds, surfer Jay has a handsome face and body that shows off his Greek & American Indian heritage. Jay is a construction worker. You can see him on the side of the road most days, wearing boots and his HARD HAT! What a cute construction worker fantasy hunk! Watch as Jay rides the waves NAKED. Then Jay starts to stroke his big beautiful young cock, sitting on a chair on this VERY PUBLIC BEACH! Jay has a GREAT body: smooth, ripped, and lean! Watch as BUBBLES of pre-cum ooze out of his big hard mushroom dick head as he jerks! Listen to Jay moan loudly with his eyes closed in ecstasy as he releases a fountain of YUMMY CUM all over the beach! Jay is one sexy straight nudist surfer!

Jay is yet another REAL SURFER, out in Hawaii, surfing naked and loving it at Island Studs!

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Jun 132013

Olly Daniels

If you like thick cock, you are going to love Olly Daniels at Bentley Race!

Olly is only 19 years old. He’s proud of his big, uncut dick and he’s eager to show it off. It’s not just Olly’s cock that’s so appealing. He’s got a handsome face, sparkling blue eyes and a beautiful white bubble-butt. Olly is actually straight boy who grew up in country Queensland. He moved to Melbourne to finish his schooling here a few years ago. He has a girlfriend but also gets turned on in front of the camera…even when it’s a guy taking the pics! Olly was already rock hard when Zac starting taking his pictures. And he had no trouble at all getting off when the time came to set the video camera recording. I love Olly’s great fat uncut dick, as well as his white furry round bum. This boy has the whole hot package going on!

Olly Daniels is just one of the many sexy Australian boys lining up for get in front of the camera at Bentley Race. Even though it’s winter in Australia the guys are still busy shooting!

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Jun 022013

Timmy Treasure Solo

You have to see Timmy Treasure’s hot uncut cock at Hard Brit Lads!

It’s a truly gorgeous piece of man meat. Timmy is a tall, dark, handsome lad. He looks irresistible in his blue Adidas shorts. And when Timmy strips down to his football socks to show off his smooth slim defined body and big rock hard uncut cock, it will take your breath away! As he plays with his super dick, Tommy spreads his legs to show us his hole, fingering himself.

Timmy’s dick throbs as he strokes it, till he shoots a strong juicy cum-load!

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May 312013

Ygor Malone

Read what follows to hear Ben’s sizzling account of his latest shoot at Bentley Race!

Things got a bit out of control during my shoot with my new mate Ygor Malone. Ygor had dropped in for his action scene with Axel Jackson. But while we waited for Axel to finish a photoshoot in the next room, Ygor and I had some time to have some fun. I had been chatting with Ygor online in the weeks leading up to my arrival in Berlin. We had traded pics and I was really looking forward to meeting him. I had no idea that he was going to be much hotter in real life. It wasn’t long into the shoot before Ygor and I started getting it on. I had set the video camera up to capture the photoshoot. But it ended up catching Ygor and I getting it on. Ygor has got a nice big dick, but wait till he turns around and shows you his lightly furry bum. He was driving me crazy as he bent right over to show off his hole while his cock throbbed below.

Soon enough I had my own dick out and the fun had started!

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