Sep 122014

Gay Foot Fetish

Gay Foot Fetish

Gay Foot Fetish

Here’s some more FOOT FETISH FUN at Straight Rent Boys!

“So James, it’s your turn!” Mathew is definitely ready for this straight guy to get to work. Having James “lick like he likes it” may be a bit of a stretch, but he does enjoy women’s feet, so we’ll see. First, Mathew shows off that very nice jockstrap,…what a hot ass! Twirled and twerked, with a couple of slaps, Mathew sits down to relish James’ “piggy time.” Having a straight guy nibble your tootsies gets Mathew out of his strap and all boned up! James then goes oral onto Mathew’s cock, hardening it even more as he sucks on it. Zooming in, Mathew’s sexy feet are front and center, as James goes back down on them.

Mathew jerks his cock as James lavishes his feet at Straight Rent Boys!

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Aug 292014

Sexy Twink Feet

Foot Fetish

Toe Sucking

Got a FOOT FETISH? Well, check out these BIG, SEXY FEET at Straight Rent Boys!

Here’s Mathew Marcus, 21, a Batman fan, who’s into the classic hero. Very much into fetishes, I’m gonna have this twink play a game with a straight guy. James, the “straight-du-jour” comes in to “experiment” with Mathew. For the game, they will be doing some “FOOT WORK.” As we chat about the scene, James chimes, “they look delicious,” as he glares at Mathew’s TOES. Removing James’ socks, Mathew begins to treat his buddy’s FEET right. Propping James’ size 11 on the couch, Mathew also takes hold of James’ sizeable cock. James then blows as Mathew turns his attention from FEET to feast, sucking all the protein he can.

Those sure are some fucking, hot FEET over at Straight Rent Boys!

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Feb 282013

Mateos Jerks Off

Mateos is a sexy latino stud at Straight Rent Boys.

Imagine getting some young, handsome straight guy over to your place. For a few bucks, he takes his shirt off and shows off his tight, muscled body. Not only that, he gets completely naked. You check out his soft cock, but it doesn’t stay soft for long. He gives it a few strokes, and his straight, horny dick bones up. He props his legs up on the sofa, giving you an awesome view of his boner as well as his straight asshole. You wanna lick it…

Meanwhile, Mateo is only focused on milking creamy, hot jizz out of his horny prick!

It’s a pretty typical scene over at Straight Rent Boys!

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Feb 142013

Ryan King Blows Jake Riley

Jake Riley is the straight stud getting his huge cock sucked at Straight Rent Boys!

I love hanging out with straight guys. We kick back and check out pussy porn, watching hot studs pound their big cocks into those hungry bitches. It gets us boned up and it’s not long before we drop our pants, exposing our hard boners. We give each other a hand, laughing and enjoying the porn clips, feeling each other’s cock and balls up. This particular video reminds me of some of my hottest straight buds. You’ve got Ryan King sucking on Jake Riley’s big ole’ prick, much to that stud’s satisfaction. Seeing Ryan finger Jake’s hot asshole while sucking his dick deep into his throat makes me wonder…

…do Jake’s girlfriends do all that so well for him?

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Feb 092013

Jake Riley Fucks Ryan King

Jake Riley Barebacks Ryan King

Jake Riley and Ryan King are a very hot pair of tatted buds at Straight Rent Boys.

With their tattoos in similar style and color, Jake and Ryan seem like a natural match for this sexy fuck scene. These studs are also similarly well-endowed. Ryan’s so cute and Jake’s got a sexy vibe going on as the guys start making out then get naked. Jake takes all of bottom Ryan’s huge cock down his throat before fingering his buddy’s sweet hole. The action continues with Jake using his long, raw dick to fuck Ryan’s ass in a variety of positions. Ryan’s body stiffens. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” he blurts out. Ryan’s sphincter pulsates, squeezing Jake’s fuck-tool.

Jake rams his cock up that ass real hard, just as Ryan cums!

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Jan 152013

Travis Cooper and Scott Sommers

Travis Cooper and Scott Sommers

I hear that Scott Sommers was at Straight Rent Boys quite a while ago, but this handsome guy is new to me.

I’m much more familiar with blond guy Travis Cooper. He always seems to be ready and eager for a hot suck and fuck session with a buddy! After meeting Travis, Scott’s feeling it too. They boys are back on the Straight Rent Boys futon, and they start off with some mutual cocksucking. Scott enjoys deep-throating Travis’ big dick. Then it’s time for Scott to lay on his back and get fucked by Travis.

He also climbs on top of the young stud to take an exciting ride on his cock!

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