Jan 222013

Jimmy Bodine

Jimmy Bodine

Jimmy Bodine has one amazing rock hard uncut cock at You Love Jack.

In fact, his dick is so appealing that I have a confession to make. I wish that I could be Jimmy’s personal cocksucker. I’d worship his beautiful uncut cock, suck on his balls, and yeah, sure I would rim his virgin straight asshole too! Mind you, I’m not sure if he’d let me or be interested. Probably not. Fuck, he hoses his tight chest down with a glistening load of pearly white cum! Well, I always can dream, can’t I?

You gotta take a look at Jimmy’s gorgeous cock, after the jump!

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Jan 092013

Stu and Aidan

Stu and Aidan

Stu is such a handsome built young stud at Sean Cody, and he is about to get his dick sucked by his buddy Aidan.

Last night, I worked out right next to a guy at my gym who reminds me of Stu. He was doing bicep curls with free weights and sweating a lot because the gym was kinda warm. Twenty minutes later, we were in the locker room and shower area together. I lucked out and caught this guy toweling off. He had a beautiful chest with well-defined pecs, a hairy ass, like Stu, and a gorgeous piece of meat between his legs!

It’s hot to watch Stu kick back and get enthusiastic Aidan between his legs to suck his studly cock off in great form!

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Dec 202012

Abe & Ryan

Recently, I discovered blond top stud Abe at Sean Cody. He quickly became a favorite of mine given his good looks and tight, muscled body. Abe’s a super top who is passionate about taking care of his bottom buddies. In this scene, Ryan is a power bottom who is very excited to be paired up with Abe – feeling especially fortunate to take Abe’s thick cock up his ass.

Abe reminds me of a blond fuck bud of my own who works in finance. About once a week, he shoots me an e-mail to see if I’m available after work. Twenty minutes later, he arrives at my place. He usually feels me up then strips me down. I love getting my arms and hands around his firm torso. He enjoys my nude lean body for a while then tells me to take his clothes off. Once he’s naked, I massage his strong back while we talk about how good he fucked me the last time he visited, and how hard he’s going to fuck me this time. He’s got a great uncut cock that always gets even harder when I slip a condom onto it. And then he fucks me, giving my ass a good, hard pounding that never fails to leave me feeling satisfied!

That’s sure how it seems to go here between Abe and Ryan, with Abe using his big dick to give Ryan an awesome ride, fucking his buddy hard but different than me and my bud because Abe and Ryan do it bareback. It’s yet another amazing scene of two great-looking, masculine men having hot sex at Sean Cody!

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Dec 062012

There’s a little story behind this photo of my cum-stained Diesel underwear. So there is this hot, hung stud in my neighborhood named Peter who sent me his stats when we first hooked up last spring, to wit, 28 yo, white male, Italian, 6’5″, 180 pounds, 7.5c, toned, trimmed. He’s a young professional with a kinky, domineering streak in him. I suppose what follows is more suited for a fetish site, but what the hell. I have to admit, it’s got me boned up as I think about Peter and what we do together when we hang out…

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Oct 292012

Vibrating Prostate Massager

I have to admit that I was thrilled when the folks behind the Mangasm brand of sex toys contacted me recently to do a review of the Mangasm Edge Vibrating Prostate Massager. This is a toy that is designed solely to enhance male pleasure and male orgasm during masturbation or while enjoying sex with a partner. Like lots of guys, masturbating and having sex are two of my all-time favorite activities. I was intrigued to find out what my new toy would bring to the experience.

This weekend, I received my Mangasm Edge, and I was so eager to get started with it! Mangasm offers over half a dozen different models of prostate massagers. The Mangasm Edge is a truly awesome model in their product line. It features super-intense, user controlled vibration.

So, there I was with my new toy.  I simply slipped it out of the box, read a few instructions, used some lube and gently eased it into my butthole. Then I switched my new Mangasm Edge on and wow! The feelings were intense. One of the really great things about these toys is that you don’t have to push it in and out of your asshole. You just slip it inside, then squeeze and un-squeeze your sphincter muscles while the Mangasm does most of the work, vibrating and stimulating you to an amazing orgasmic experience.

I like to go for a second and even a third cum sometimes, and so the Mangasm Edge with it’s intense vibrations is perfect for me. I shot one big load checking out some hot porn and then left it in my butt to continue working its magic. Lo and behold, I got to enjoy another two intense orgasms before I removed my fabulous new Mangasm, letting me and my new toy relax until another fun day.

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Oct 242012

The title of this post is my favorite line from the song Vision of Love.

So, I’m taking just a little break from gay porn to share the fact that I love Kris Allen with you! He beat out openly gay Adam Lambert for title of American Idol during season eight of that show.

I recently broke out of a long-term relationship. As you can imagine, it’s no easy thing.  Lately, I have found myself listening to Kris Allen, among other artists, for solice.  When Kris sings, it’s like he throws his arms around me and says “I know” and “It’ll be okay” and “You’re sooooo beautiful!” For starters, let me say that I think that Kris is a very beautiful guy. And he’s got such an amazing voice! His songs really resonate with me.

As I was listening to him last weekend, I thought to myself,…let me check his tour dates. It’d be so cool to see him live, in person. Well, it turns out he’s doing a show right where I am this coming weekend! I grabbed a ticket, and now I’m so happy and excited to know that I’ll be seeing him live in just a few days!

Tonight, I watched this video for his single called Vision of Love off his newest album, Thank You Camellia. I’ve heard the song a few times, but until I watched the video, I really didn’t get  how much love Kris Allen, this handsome guy from Arkansas, spreads around in this single off his new album.

Kris Allen has got a heart of gold and a deep well of awesome talent. I can hardly wait to see him live!

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