May 212017

Gorgeous Naked Man

Gorgeous Naked Man

Gorgeous Naked Man

Adam Kolez is age 20. He shows off in all his glory at William Higgins!

This good looking straight guy enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. As he feels himself up, his cock hardens in his jeans. Then Adam opens his jeans to release his swelling cock. He takes it in his hand and gently wanks it. The cock looks so impressive as Adam wanks it! Moving to the bed Adam lays down and spreads his legs to show his ass crack as he wanks. He pulls his ass cheeks apart to show off his tight hole. He keeps up his wanking until the cock releases a nice big cum shot, with the creamy load landing of his belly!

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Mar 192017

Naked Uncut European Stud

Naked Uncut European Stud

Naked Uncut European Stud

Ian Ivanovic from Prague is aged 22 and naked at William Higgins!

This good looking straight guy is a student who enjoys sports, jogging and swimming. He looks so good as he poses with a smile. Ian stands in only his underwear posing with his hands behind his head. He turns and pulls the underwear up into his ass crack. Then he turns again with the underwear lowered to show off his soft cock and his balls. Ian pulls on his foreskin and gets his cock real hard. He poses with that lovely stiff cock poking out in front of him. Laying down he raises his legs to show off his ass, spreading the cheeks to expose his tight hole!

Enjoy beautiful, nude European studs at William Higgins!

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Dec 282014

Chav Lads Fuck Gay Sex

Chav Lads Fuck Gay Sex

Chav Lads Fuck Gay Sex


I love these dark-haired, horny young studs from Staxus!

Some boys like to indulge in a bit of class when it comes to meeting up for sex, but clearly neither Oscar Hart or Ryan Olsen are in that category of guy. For having met up one evening at a station in Prague, the two fellows head straight for some nearby urinals – and let’s be honest here, they’re not desperate for a piss! In fact, the only urge these two scallies have is the urge for cock – and hard cock at that!

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Feb 142013

Ryan King Blows Jake Riley

Jake Riley is the straight stud getting his huge cock sucked at Straight Rent Boys!

I love hanging out with straight guys. We kick back and check out pussy porn, watching hot studs pound their big cocks into those hungry bitches. It gets us boned up and it’s not long before we drop our pants, exposing our hard boners. We give each other a hand, laughing and enjoying the porn clips, feeling each other’s cock and balls up. This particular video reminds me of some of my hottest straight buds. You’ve got Ryan King sucking on Jake Riley’s big ole’ prick, much to that stud’s satisfaction. Seeing Ryan finger Jake’s hot asshole while sucking his dick deep into his throat makes me wonder…

…do Jake’s girlfriends do all that so well for him?

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Feb 142013

Sexy Southern Steele

Steele is a red-blooded, All-American college baseball jock at Active Duty!

He is a fit straight boy from South Carolina, 21 years old, standing 6’3″ tall, 168 lbs. His body is impressive, and so is the major heat that he’s packing in his pants! During a trip to see the sights in California, (the beautiful sun, water, & gorgeous girls), Steele stopped by Active Duty to show off his athletic body and shoot some sexy scenes. Steele likes a fun time, stuff like snowboarding and extreme sports. He likes wild sex too, like the time he relates about fucking a cougar chick with his buddy while her husband watched!

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Jan 042013

Mike Rivers

Mike Rivers

It’s Mike’s second scene for You Love Jack and he’s never looked better! From his dreamy brown eyes and mischievous smile to his fat uncut cock – this dirty little twink has got it going on in spades.

He reaches in his pants and wags his rock hard uncut cock at the camera. He sticks that thick uncut pecker right up in the lens and shows off the river of precum that’s flowing from his swollen cock head. Mike’s throbbing penis leaves him aching for some penetration so he grabs a butt plug and crams it into his tight little asshole as he continues to work his rock hard cock. He pulls that toy out of his ass and coats it with three blasts of sticky white cum. He looks up at the camera with a sly grin then crams that cum covered toy back up inside his ass.

Dirty little twink!

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