Oct 172014

Gorgeous Trio's Suck and Fuck Fest at Staxus

Gorgeous Trio's Suck and Fuck Fest at Staxus

Gorgeous Trio's Suck and Fuck Fest at Staxus

Gorgeous Trio's Suck and Fuck Fest at Staxus

Check out the huge, throbbing cocks in this hot threesome from Staxus!

t’s time for revelations, as Jace Reed discloses the truth to Johny Cruz and then promptly invites the horny young man to enjoy an impromptu threesome with the ever-delightful Yuri Adamov. It’s a proposition that Cruz tries hard to resist – for about all of two seconds! Thereafter all three lads are quickly stripping out of their dog-collars in order to feast on the bounty of hard dick that quickly becomes available – Jace’s gorgeous, over-sized ramrod being (understandably) the focal point of much of the attention. Indeed, we defy anyone to watch and not be completely overawed by the sight of Reed face-fucking Johny, who in turn is being simultaneously blown by Yuri! The best is yet to come. For not only does Johny get double-fucked by both his buddies, we’re also treated to the sight of Jace getting jizz splattered all over his hair and face in the scene’s orgasm-inducing finale! Little wonder Jace’s’s own donkey-sized cock is soon rupturing in spunky appreciation!

There is so much super cock and cum at Staxus!

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Aug 112014

Spit-roasted Gay Orgy

Five Guys Gay Orgy

Naked Twinks Gay Sex

There are so many hot cocks in this amazing group sex scene from Staxus!

Here is a five-guy Jacuzzi suck-and-fuck-fest, which includes pretty much everything that you could ever possibly wish for. A horny threesome, some terrific spit-roasting, an almost unbelievable pile-fuck, and copious quantities of jizz that flow from five pairs of balls that finally get relieved at the end of the scene. Young studs Mike James, Sven Laarson and Ryan Olsen are joined by Jace Reed and Brad Fitt for this twink sex spectacular. The sight of these five lads rutting like a pack of horny bitches in heat will get your own cock rock hard!

Enjoy this super fuck scene from Staxus!

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Aug 112014


Naked Men

Sucking Uncut Cock

Naked Men Cocksucking

Here is the next monthly night scene shot entirely after nightfall at BelAmi!

Watch sexy Vadim Farrell and Scott Reeves in an intimate and romantic encounter in a beautiful night setting that only BelAmi can create. The night starts off with serious body contact and deep, wet kisses. It ends with Vadim getting pounded by Scott in both missionary and doggie style positions, all the while keeping himself hard as a rock.  It turns out to definitely be Vadim’s lucky night! The cum really flies in this climatic episode!

This new night scene is a show stopper…When night falls, BelAmi rises!

Rimming Ass

Fucking Asshole


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Aug 092014

Gay Porn

Big Cock


Julien Julio and Jim are three beautiful, young and hung studs at BelAmi!

In this two part scene it’s Julien who ends up on the receiving end of Jim, and Julio who takes Julien on separately. And man do they, with many different positions and lots of serious sucking, Julien should be worn out after Julio alone in Part 1 but he’s more than ready for another round with Jim in Part 2. When it’s Jim’s turn he doesn’t even go easy on him but Julien can handle it and takes on these two tops like a pro. Watch the triple J’s go at it, whipping up huge loads of creamy, hot CUM, in this two part triple X update only at BelAmi!

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May 272014

Double penetration

Double penetration

Three horny studs have a wonderful time at Staxus!

We always knew that this trio of horny fuckers was a bit of a handful, but what none of us realised was just how hyper Staxus exclusives Jaro Stone, Mike James and Orlando White could be when given the chance to fuck around in a gym together. Fact is, director John Smith almost struggles to contain their exuberance as they abandon their more traditional approach to keeping fit in favour of something a little more ground-breaking. Or should that be ass-breaking?

The asshole in question belongs to Mike James, who will eventually get double-dicked by his boned-up buddies; but don’t let that ball-busting prospect prevent you from relishing the build-up, as the threesome commence proceedings by cavorting with some sex-toys. By the time the lads are gleefully sucking each otherís dicks thereís every good chance that you’ll have fully unzipped in anticipation of the goodies to come.

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Apr 122014

Horny Army Threesome

Horny Army Threesome

Life in the army can be very rewarding for the horny studs at Staxus!

Chris Hollander and Jaxon Radoc very quickly discover that their insolent attitude annoys commanding officer Orlando White. Chances are, of course, that this is not a true representation of army life, even in the cesspit of morality that is the Czech Republic! Chris dumps the first wad, quickly followed by Jaxon. Soon Orlando unleashes the contents of his heavy cum-sac, as his two subordinates kneel at his feet.

Life in khaki has rarely looked so fucking desirable as in this cumtastic threeway at Staxus!

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