Oct 092014

Naked Marine JO

Nude Marine

Marine Massage Jerk Off

Alec is a handsome young man getting his dick jerked off at Spunk Worthy!

When it comes to straight military buddies, it seems that there’s usually a “brave” one who is first to push his boundaries and try one of the guy-guy videos before the other buddy takes the plunge. With Alec, it was the other way around. When his best bud, Nevin, was on the fence about doing a happy ending massage video a while ago, it was Alec who goaded him into it. Well, now it’s Alec’s turn. And he came prepared with a 2-day load of cum stored up, much to his girlfriend’s chagrin, haha! This wasn’t Alec’s first happy-ending massage. But it was the first time getting one from a guy. Judging by the head of his cock swelling up and poking out from his foreskin, I’m guessing the ass play was something Alec liked a lot. After rubbing down his torso and teasing his dick some more, the masseur figured it was time to give him some much-needed release. Alec’s body clenched up so hard when he came!

And the cum that erupted from Alec’s cock was some of the thickest that masseur had ever seen!

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Nov 232013

Happy Ending Massage

Happy Ending Massage

Ryan Olsen is the masseur in this horny, happy ending massage scene from Staxus!

He promptly proves his hands-on talents when blond stud Sven Laarson arrives as his first customer. This is a massage with lots of extras, before the fellow has worked out a very healthy load of jizz out of Sven’s ball sack. Ryan’s next customer is the stunningly handsome Orlando White. This hung stud enjoys a lengthy hand-job but definitely wants something more intense from his young masseur. He kneels on the table to expose his asshole, and Ryan is happy to apply his tongue to rim Orlando’s hot hole! Cocksucking and very hot fucking are soon to follow.

It’s a truly awesome, jizz-filled massage session at Staxus!

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Mar 302013

Jon's Naked Massage

Jon is a straight guy at Spunk Worthy here in his first time getting off with a man!

He was pretty nervous going into this scene, but curious enough to go through with it. Starting face down on the massage table, Jon began to relax as he let oiled hands glide all over his body. Working on Jon’s back, legs and feet, the masseur slowly worked his way back up to Jon’s sexy blond butt. He spread Jon’s muscular ass cheeks open, revealing Jon’s tight asshole in the center of his furry crack. At this point, Jon’s cock was starting to bone up between his legs. Jon flipped over to enjoy the rest of his massage. Now the focus was on his hard dick! The masseur’s work had Jon’s body twitching as he took the nude hunk’s cock into his mouth and massaged his tight man hole.

Jon gasped, then squirt his spunk, a nice cum load that shot off the table and onto the floor!

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Mar 112013

Spunky Massage Threesome

John Parker is a handsome stud who gives a good oil massage at Staxus .

Blond twink Tim Walker is benefactor of John’s expert rubbing. His warm hands cause a tent to appear in Tim’s towel. After a while, Tim is naked and boned up. John takes his hard cock out, and it’s time for some both cocks, all oiled-up, to rub each other into ecstasy. Sexy, cute Kevin Ateah appears just in time to take the scene to the next level, willing and eager to engage in a very passionate threesome. Kevin is a star performer, giving his all to slurping on Tim’s and John’s dicks becfore taking turns to ride those cocks like the dick hungry power bottom that he is!

John splatters Kevin’s hole with jizz before the two twinks unload their spunk!

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Jan 232013

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian Gets Serviced

Maximilian is about to get a relaxing massage, with extras, at Chaos Men!

I loved Maximilian’s recent solo at Chaos Men so it was great to see him turn up again so soon! Even better, he is appearing in a massage video where his cock, balls and ass get serviced along with the rest of his hot, hairy body. During the past year, I’ve gotten some training and have swapped massages with a few buddies. It’s such a sexually charged moment when you use your hands to spread apart a beautiful guy’s butt cheeks. If he’s gorgeous enough, as Maximilian surely is, it’s even hotter to dive right in there and tongue that sweet rosebud. Check out Maximilian’s sexy hairy ass!

Maximilian’s uncut dick gets rock hard while his masseur sucks and jerk it!

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Jan 112013

Ethan Sailor Massage

I’m so excited to do a post on this scene from Spunk Worthy where well-hung amateur guys get off!

Ethan is a sailor who is curious about receiving a “happy endings” massage. He is 21 years old, straight, tattooed and smoking hot with a tight muscled bod and a big uncut dick. He starts lying face down and getting rubbed from his back to his beautiful feet. His legs get spread and his cock pulled back, growing bigger as it gets caressed. His butt cheeks get spread too, revealing his sexy, hairy asshole. After a while, Ethan flips over and his dick gets some rubbing attention, with his foreskin pulled up and down on his now raging boner.

Some pressure is applied behind his balls, on his taint, until Ethan moans, “Oh, I’m about to cum!” releasing a creamy load of jizz onto his pubes.

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