May 312013

Ygor Malone

Read what follows to hear Ben’s sizzling account of his latest shoot at Bentley Race!

Things got a bit out of control during my shoot with my new mate Ygor Malone. Ygor had dropped in for his action scene with Axel Jackson. But while we waited for Axel to finish a photoshoot in the next room, Ygor and I had some time to have some fun. I had been chatting with Ygor online in the weeks leading up to my arrival in Berlin. We had traded pics and I was really looking forward to meeting him. I had no idea that he was going to be much hotter in real life. It wasn’t long into the shoot before Ygor and I started getting it on. I had set the video camera up to capture the photoshoot. But it ended up catching Ygor and I getting it on. Ygor has got a nice big dick, but wait till he turns around and shows you his lightly furry bum. He was driving me crazy as he bent right over to show off his hole while his cock throbbed below.

Soon enough I had my own dick out and the fun had started!

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Apr 122013

Brian Bloom Pin-Up Model

Johnny is Benjamin Bloom’s sexy younger brother at BelAmi!

Johnny is tall, lean and gorgeous! He’s a hot young man who has signed on to be an exclusive model with BelAmi. His body is beautiful because Johnny works out so much. With his handsome face, six-pack abs and super, uncut cock, he really is a perfect fit for BelAmi, as you will see in his stunning photoset. Johnny’s first suck and fuck action scenes are coming soon at BelAmi!

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that Johnny truly squirts cum like a fountain!

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Apr 082013

Flexx Boola Solo

I can hardly take my eyes off Flexx Boola, an amazing, super-hung stud from Next Door Male!

This man with the catchy name and a baseball bat for a penis, is coming at you up close and personal. Flexx hales from Boston, well aware of how hungry so many people would be for his giant cock. He strokes and jerks his 9-inch dick, spreading his legs wide to give us a good view. Nothing half-ass with Flexx, he is extreme all the way, whether he is racing his ride or rocking out with his cock out.

The next best thing to riding his cock is watching it squirt cum!

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Apr 052013

Lincoln Ashby Naked Hitchiker

Lincoln Ashby Naked Hitchiker

Lincoln Ashby makes an awesome subject in this hitchhiker fantasy from Bentley Race!

Lincoln first appeared at Bentley Race last year. He is a straight guy who enjoys getting naked for the camera. During Australia’s scorching hot summer, the guys headed out to Victoria on a country road trip. Imagine being the only driver on the road and coming across this half naked stud! He’s got his shirt and sunglasses on, and that’s all, as he sticks his thumb out looking for a ride. You pull your SUV over, eager to give Lincoln a ride. But the stud has a surprise for you. He’s an Aussie exhibitionist who gets off on being nude outside. Before you get back to driving, Lincoln tells you to kick back while he strips completely naked, drenches himself with water and shows off his big cock!

Lincoln’s favorite part of the scene is when he shoots his big cum load for you!

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Mar 312013

Charley Jerks Off

Charley is a young stud with a perfect smile at Sean Cody!

He’s a fun-spirited, beautiful guy who likes to try new things, especially when it comes to sex! Once he gets naked, he explains that he usually likes to cum on himself when he jerks off. In fact, one of Charley’s favorite things to do is to squirt cum into his own mouth!

See how much Charley enjoys his gorgeous dick after the jump!

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Mar 312013

Axel Wolf Self-Sucker

Axel Wolf Self-Sucker

Axel Wolf is a handsome and talented young man at Next Door Male!

With a fun-loving attitude and a smile that’s contagious, Axel is here to introduce himself and bare all. He’s a laid back California dude who loves riding motorcycles and sex in public places. Axel has a gorgeous face with playful-but-piercing eyes. Join him as he confesses some of his wildest fantasies and gives a little insight into his life as a pole dancer. Axel is taking it all off in the restroom and fattening up his huge cock for some sensuous, deep stroking. You’ll see various sides of Axel as he enjoys himself by tugging his rock hard erection. This is a very hot guy that gets turned knowing you’re out there enjoying yourself too.

Axel has a very special talent – he can suck his own dick!

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