Jan 182013

Mario Richy

Mario Richy is a handsome blond twink at Boy Fun Collection

His good looks and fit body caught my eye and now it’s tough to look away from him. There’s so much to like about Mario! Of course, he’s got a gorgeous face and that great blond hair. His six-pack abs are wonderful. Then he gets naked, and there is this thick, soft uncut cock laying under his bush and above his big ball-sack. Mario pulls on his foreskin, teasing his cock to grow into a full erection. Keep going down, and he’s got sexy hairy legs too…

…finally he turns around and raises a leg up…!

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Jan 182013

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

Jimmy Fix and Max Lacoste

I’m loving these outdoor summer scenes while it’s winter here at home!

On a warm afternoon at French Dudes, we find Jimmy Fix working out in the vegetable garden when he decides to take a break from the heat. He takes off his shirt and sits down in the shade of the old stone wall.

Along comes Max Lacoste having found his own way to beat the heat wearing nothing but his jock strap and sneakers. Max wastes no time and takes a direct approach; walks right up to Jimmy, bends down to give him a kiss and grabs hold of his cock. Jimmy now wants to plow the field of a different kind however and bends Max over against the wall and starts tilling. If you’ve seen Jimmy in action before, you know what a great tiller this boy is! Once satisfied the field has been thoroughly tilled, they both sit down to spread some fertilizer.

Jimmy is first to unload his spunk and WHAT A LOAD he spreads as Max watches with amazement!

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Jan 172013

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

William Tudor and Ryan Anderson get super hot in Melbourne in the blazing Australian summer at Bentley Race!

Wearing their skater gear, the guys were having fun skating across the rooftop on their boards. The men were playing to the camera, lifting their shirts up in provocative poses. Ryan took it a step further when he started grabbing William’s cock! William liked the attention, his shorts were yanked down to his ankles and Ryan took his big dong into his mouth. The boys loved showing off their big uncut cocks, and rimming and sucking on the roof. It got hot, so they had a water fight to cool down. The hottest action happened after they went inside to cool off.

They soon took it to the bedroom and then the shower for a heavy fucking session!

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Jan 142013


Sheridan is an exceptional male beauty at Sean Cody, especially if you like uncut cock!

Sheridan has a passion for snowboarding. He loves the feeling of freedom that being out on the snow gives him. Sure, he has a handsome face and a great body, but my eyes keep coming back to his gorgeous dick! Sheridan’s got a great uncut dick with an awesome foreskin that slides back and forth over his hot dick-head. “I love having foreskin!” he said. “I can stretch it out pretty far!” He proceeded to demonstrate, pulling it out and sticking his fingers inside his penis skin. “I have a sensitive spot on my foreskin,” he said quietly.

“The inside is pretty sensitive when you play with it!”

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Jan 142013


Maximilian is a regular guy at Chaos Men whose good looks and hefty cock had his friends telling him he should show it off!

So, he decided to do porn to make some extra money. A little nervous at first, he got more relaxed as the photo shoot progressed. Maximilian’s got a nice, full dark bush surrounding his sizable uncut dick. By the time he got into the shower, he felt comfortable enough to let them shoot shots of him taking a piss. He also got into playing to the camera when it came time to shoot his solo video.

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Jan 132013

Zac Frevo

Ben recently took his buddy Zac Frevon out into the Aussie bush making for a hot hitchhiker fantasy at Bentley Race!

The guys drove out into the countryside of Victoria, near Melbourne, to enjoy the outdoors on the first day of summer. Beautiful blue skies beckoned, and Zac started to feel turned on by all the sunshine and open space. Imagine just you and Zac on that road. His car broke down, and he needs a ride. He unzips his jeans, then he pushes his blue briefs down. Fuck it, he steps out of them and he hitchhikes naked, displaying his massive schlong and his smooth white ass for lucky passerbys. You stop to give Zac a lift.

But before you head out, Zac pulls you into the bush. He has a toy he wants to show you, his fleshlight, which he uses to pump his big dong while you watch!

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